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Monday, 11 March 2013

Me in ten.

1.       My favourite food is potatoes especially of the chip and roast variety
2.       I’m in three books and have a bordering on unhealthy obsession with reading
3.       I own far more dresses than one girl could ever need and they will need to be prised from my fingers if anyone (fiancé included) tries to make me get rid of them – isn’t dress clutter what spare rooms are for?
4.       In my mind I am sooooooo crafty and always have a million and one projects on the go!
5.       In reality I have a million work in progresses and one finished article!
6.       I’m getting married in 14 months and for a girl who loves dresses I am not looking forward to wedding dress shopping – in fact the thought of it makes me feel physically sick with the stress of having to find THE ONE!
7.       I have no pets but when I do get one/some/many they will all have literary names
8.       My day job is the most mind numbing job ever but it pays so I go!
9.       I love animal tat for the home especially owls but Christmas 2012 seemed to be the tipping point of owl related gifts and I now fear I am turning into one of those people that has everything with owls on!  I don’t want to be this woman so am now changing my favourite animal to foxes instead (at least till that gets a bit over the top too – there are only so many owl money boxes one person can have!)
10.   I have a slight (ahem) sarcastic streak and can find myself absolutely hilarious (usually when no one else is)!

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