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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wedding Weight

Ok so I’m trying to go on a  diet for my wedding.  I figure if I write this down even if no one reads it I’m still accountable for what I say I’m going to do and it will hopefully give me a kick up the you know what.  I went on the scales after new year and was disgusted with how much I weighed.  I’ve never been skinny I just thought of myself as not very lean and not surprising seen as I rarely exercise.  I thought the weight I was would have given me such a  shock that I would start being good getting ready for the wedding but unfortunately that just hasn’t happened.  I may have a good few days but then I have some awful days and I really need to try to get my weight loss into gear.  Me and two of my closest friends are going together in the scales now every Monday – camaraderie helps!  Yesterday was the first day – we followed our trip to the scales with a pizza slice??????????  Arrggh need to get so much better at this.  I am going to try slimming world.  My mum has been on this diet and lost an amazing 4 stone and is now a size 8/10.  Though in my wildest dreams I would love to be that size I just don’t think a) I could get there and b) I would look any good!  I am quite a curvy lady and I don’t want to lose my curves but I do want to lose the flab!  If I could get down to a 12 like I was when I left University I would be so happy with that.  I also think that this should be a manageable weight for me to maintain.  I don’t want to lose loads and then put it all back on again!  So here goes  I’m going to try my hardest and will keep the blog updates with how I’m getting on!

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